May 17, 2002

Jeep offers downloadable video game with prizes

Windsor, Ontario – Jeep Canada is offering a free video game that lets you ‘drive’ virtual Jeeps over ‘torturous’ off-road courses. The Jeep 4×4 EVO2 video game can be downloaded from Players can choose a Jeep TJ Rubicon, Liberty or Grand Cherokee to drive on the existing Jeep 101 course. Like the real life Jeep 101 driving courses which provide current and prospective owners basic skills of safe, yet adventurous off-road driving, the virtual Jeep 101 course includes both real world and virtual driving tips. Successful completion of the Jeep 101 course unlocks the 2003 Jeep TJ Rubicon model and the first of four contest competition trails. There is also a multiple player function built into the game, allowing participants to challenge each other simultaneously on the trail.

“Torture-test your virtual Jeep as you go further off-road and higher up the mountain navigating some of the toughest trails on the continent with the most rugged and capable four wheel drive vehicle ever – Jeep TJ Rubicon,” said Pearl Davies – Chrysler, Jeep Brand Manager, DaimlerChrysler Canada.

On sale this summer, the Jeep TJ Rubicon features locking front and rear Dana model 44 axles and a 4:1 low range transfer case.

Tiered prizing for selected Jeep merchandise will be awarded to the highest score-keepers on each of four trails: Mohab, Silverton Pass, Baja and of course, the famed Rubicon. After successfully completing the off-road trails, scores can be submitted to the on-line scoreboard. The ultimate victor will earn a $10,000 shopping spree at the Bay. Players are encouraged to challenge their friends in a head-to-head battle to see who is the supreme off-road expert. The game/contest will run from now through December.

Consumers can download the Jeep 4×4 EVO2 game directly from Product information, contest rules, game tips and links to game partners also will be posted at

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