April 7, 2005

Jay Leno to own first lithium I-Cell hybrid vehicle

Burbank, California – Tonight Show host and renowned car collector Jay Leno will take delivery of the inaugural R-Car, the first consumer model hybrid sports car produced in the United States.

The R-Car is produced by Hybrid Technologies Inc. and is the result of a partnership between R-Electric Car Company, Global Hybrid Corp., Solium Power Corp., and WhistlerTel. Its lithium I-Cell, developed specifically for the vehicle, enables the car to reach 161 km/h while producing no emissions.

Hybrid Technologies produces several vehicles for consumer and public sector use, including a Chrysler PT Cruiser model and several two-wheeled vehicles such as the Jin bike. The company has recently announced a joint agreement with the California Highway Patrol to produce an honoree lithium I-Cell-powered motorcycle to memorialize fallen CHP officers.

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