September 19, 2007

Jay Leno latest celebrity to drive the BMW Hydrogen 7 on U.S. roadways

Jay Leno with his BMW Hydrogen 7
Jay Leno with his BMW Hydrogen 7. Click image to enlarge

Photo Gallery: BMW Hydrogen 7

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey – Jay Leno has become the latest person to receive a BMW Hydrogen 7, the first luxury sedan powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Leno, host of The Tonight Show and noted car collector, received his car at his garage in Burbank, California.

“As an avid car enthusiast, I’m always interested in the future of automotive technology,” Leno said. “With the BMW Hydrogen 7, I can experience all the fun and great features of a performance car, yet know that I’m being environmentally friendly at the same time.”

The Hydrogen 7, while not available for sale, is a production model vehicle, rather than a concept car. It is considered a milestone in bringing hydrogen forward as a sustainable fuel for individual transportation. Leno is one of the first Americans announced by the company to drive the Hydrogen 7 in daily use.

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