Tokyo, Japan – Automobile production in Japan dropped by 56.2 per cent in February 2009, compared with February 2008, according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). It was the fifth consecutive month of production decrease.

February production was recorded as 481,396 units, compared with 1,098,245 vehicles produced in February 2008.

Passenger car production was 403,144 units in February 2009, down 57.4 per cent, with standard cars (over 2000 cc) heaviest hit with a downturn of 71.9 per cent, followed by small cars down 46.9 per cent, and minicars under 660 cc down 13.2 per cent. Trucks were down 47.9 per cent, while bus production was down 51.1 per cent.
Domestic sales of passenger cars in Japan in February were 324,515 passenger cars, down 24.4 per cent; 54,784 trucks, down 24.2 per cent, and 1,283 large and small buses, down 3.7 per cent.

Exports stood at 36.1 per cent compared with February 2008, with 481,396 vehicles exported. Toyota exported the most, at 141,27 vehicles, followed by Suzuki at 72,989; Daihatsu at 62,692; Honda at 54,748; Mazda at 40,695; Nissan at 43,885; Mitsubishi at 20,138; Isuzu at 9,259; Hino at 3,924; Mitsubishi Fuso at 3,827; and Nissan Diesel at 1,072, with 46 described as “others.” The total value of all automobiles exported for February 2009 was US$5,080.89 million, including $3,743.45 in vehicles and $1,337.44 million in parts, a decrease from $13,859.88 million in February 2008.

The largest number of export vehicles went to North America, at 73,883, with 58,860 specifically to the U.S. Europe followed at 40,541 vehicles, then the Middle East at 31,371 vehicles.

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