May 13, 2002

JAMA Canada supports auto policy initiatives to enhance Canada’s competitiveness

Sendai, Japan – Japanese Automobile Manufacturer Association (JAMA) Canada members say they are prepared to support Canadian Government initiatives to help the auto industry enhance its competitive edge and create a more attractive investment environment through a number of non-discriminatory, forward-looking measures. These include the following:

  • Further infrastructure improvements, especially at the border

  • Sustained focus on skills training and education
  • Enhanced R&D incentives for both product and process capabilities
  • International harmonization of technical standards and regulations

“With a long-term commitment to Canada and Canadian consumers, Japanese affiliated automakers and parts manufacturers have become an integral part of the economic and social fabric of Canada”, said David Worts, Executive Director of JAMA Canada in a speech delivered to the Canada Japan Business Conference, Automotive Sector Meeting in Sendai, Japan. “The divisive policies of the 20th century will not solve the issues of the 21st century; and all industry stakeholders in Canada should cooperate to ensure the auto industry will be globally competitive.”

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