London, England – The 2010 Jaguar XF has won the inaugural Women’s World Car of the Year. The awards were selected by a panel of international female automotive journalists, including two from Canada.

The Canadian judges were Jil McIntosh, assistant editor of, and Regina Chan, of AutoNerve in Vancouver.

The writers tested 21 vehicles from a short list and selected the Jaguar XF, followed by the Volvo XC60 and Volkswagen Golf Diesel as the top finalists from the category winners.

Individual category winners were:

Family Car of the Year: Volvo XC60 (Runner-up: Honda Accord)

Sports Car of the Year: Audi TTS (Runner-up: Mazda MX-5)

Economy Car of the Year: Volkswagen Golf Diesel (Runner-up: Ford Fiesta)

Luxury Car of the Year: Jaguar XF (Runner-up: Audi A6)

The awards were organized by Sandy Myhre of New Zealand, who said that a woman’s voice in the car industry and via the media is hard to find. Myhre said that the awards stemmed largely from the fact that the U.S.-based World Car of the Year judging panel did not have a single woman judge in 2007.

“That a luxury car has won the supreme award in the Women’s World Car of the Year is an unexpected result, given the ubiquitous ‘shopping basket’ is what many in the car industry consider to be a woman’s car,” Myhre said. “But judges clearly considered the Jaguar XF to be well-constructed, competent, comfortable, a combination of sport and luxury, and ideal for women.”

Qualifying cars had to be sold in at least ten countries worldwide, and available to the marketplace from between September 2008 and September 2009. Since model specifications can differ between countries, the judges were asked to consider the overall model range in their voting, rather than one specific model. Judging was by secret ballot and audited by international accountancy practice Grant Thornton in New Zealand.

Myhre said that while value for money and child friendliness was a consideration, along with “sex appeal” and carbon footprint, the judges put particular emphasis on vehicle driveability and comfort.

An overall trophy, and certificates to individual category winners, will be presented to the companies in the new year.

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