Bramalea, Ontario – Jaguar Canada has announced a new, best-in-class customer care program on all 2011 models that includes no-charge replacement of brakes, wiper blades and oil changes. Coinciding with the launch of new flagship 2011 XJ, the Jaguar Platinum Coverage program gives owners increased vehicle warranty coverage and maintenance.

The new coverage includes a five-year/80,000 km new-vehicle warranty and complimentary scheduled maintenance for the duration of the warranty period, including no-cost replacement of select wear-and-tear components and 24/7 roadside assistance. The no-cost coverage includes items such as oil changes, filters, brake pads, brake discs, brake fluids and wiper blade inserts.

“The Jaguar Platinum Coverage offers exceptional customer care and dealership service that is representative of an exceptional brand,” said Gary Moyer, president of Jaguar Canada. “Jaguar’s modern lineup of beautiful fast cars is now coupled with the best-in-class warranty and maintenance package in the luxury segment, and we believe this will result in long-term loyalty from our customers.”

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