Gaydon, England – Jaguar Land Rover has welcomed a government initiative aimed at encouraging and supporting U.K. manufacturing as being central to Britain’s future prosperity, and has urged its full implementation.

Prior to announcing their new strategy, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Chancellor of the Exchequer Alastair Darling went on a fact-finding tour of Jaguar Land Rover’s Castle Bromwich manufacturing facility, accompanied by the strategy’s architects.

“We believe the manufacturing sector is central to the future prosperity of the U.K. economy, and share the government’s view that manufacturing’s contribution to the U.K. is significant and not given the recognition it deserves,” said David Smith, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover. “We therefore welcome this initiative and look forward to its full implementation. Jaguar Land Rover is striving to sustain and grow its manufacturing and R&D operations in the U.K., but clearly global competition continues to intensify and we have faced considerable pressures from rising energy and commodity prices, combined with reduced consumer demand. We therefore support actions that underpin U.K. manufacturing investment and productivity during this difficult period, including the development of trade opportunities with low-cost supply chains and actions to support economic growth and reduce input and financing costs.”

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