Only 12 Lightweights were built of intended 18-unit series in 1963

Digging into its history, Jaguar will finally put purpose to six chassis numbers that have laid dormant since 1964.

Jaguar’s Lightweight E-type project was originally conceived to build 18 ‘Special GT E-types’ with a performance focus. Their all-aluminum bodies, aluminum engines, and lack of interior trim and exterior chrome trim dropped some 114 kg off the overall weight of the cars. However, only 12 of the intended 18 units were built by 1964.

This year, Jaguar will rectify the gap as they build six perfect examples of the Lightweight E-type, using the same specifications originally set in 1963.

The new Lightweight E-types will be sold to Jaguar collectors for undisclosed amounts with priority going to those with historic race car interests.

Overall, some 72,500 E-types were built between 1961 and 1975.

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