New York, New York – J.D. Power has launched a new data platform, the Auto Intelligence Monitor, which “listens” to unprompted consumer conversations in social media and allows automakers to assess new-vehicle launches, brand images and marketing strategies in new ways.

The monitor combines insight from social media conversations about automaker brands and models, with marketplace retail sales and segment data collected by J.D. Power and Associates’ Power Information Network, resulting in a social media monitoring tool that goes beyond measuring simple conversation volume.

The tool will classify social media commentary over 37 automakers, nearly 300 models and 12 key topics of automotive conversation, while eliminating irrelevant conversations.

“These two elements make the Auto Intelligence Monitor more than a tool that measures the volume or sentiment of online conversations,” said Bill Tuohig, senior director of the Web intelligence research division. “More importantly, it is a tool that marketers and agencies can use to more effectively gauge marketplace success using online consumer conversations, based on independent third-party benchmarks.”

The monitor displays as a dashboard on the user’s desktop and is refreshed daily. Automakers can customize and filter the information to meet specific needs.

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