Aug 29, 2007

It takes just two minutes to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says Rubber Association

Mississauga, Ontario – The Rubber Association of Canada is encouraging motorists to spend just two minutes to measure their tire pressure before hitting the road for the last long weekend of the summer. Long drives, extra passengers, heavier loads and hot temperatures can be hazardous for under-inflated tires, and can use more fuel.

“Canadians can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the air simply by measuring their tire pressure,” says Gilles Paquette, Communications Manager for the Rubber Association of Canada. “Under-inflated tires cause Canadians to waste an estimated 643 million litres of fuel each year, which results in the release of over one million tonnes of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.”

To measure the pressure, find the recommended inflation pressure on the vehicle’s placard (check the owner’s manual for its exact location); only measure pressure when the tires are cold (driven less than two kilometres, or parked for at least three hours); remove each valve cap, press a tire gauge onto the valve and take the pressure reading, including the spare; and add air until the recommended pressure is achieved. If you overfill the tire, release air by pushing on the metal stem in the centre of the valve, and then recheck the pressure. For more information, visit

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