November 22, 2006

Insurance expert warns about drinking and driving

Toronto, Ontario – Following a report by new Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino, who called drunk driving “the leading cause of criminal death in this country,” president Lee Romanov warns that drunk driving can have a tremendous effect.

“While drunk drivers kill four Canadians every day and impact the lives of 70,000 annually, most people have absolutely no idea of what exactly happens when they’re arrested for drunk driving – from the arrest to the court process – or what it means for their car insurance,” Romanov says.

According to her examples of Ontario rates, a 19-year-old convicted of impaired driving, with a license suspension, can face insurance rates of $12,455 to $16,572; with a collision, the spread can be $15,749 to $20,070. By comparison, a 40-year-old convicted of impaired driving with a license suspension faces a rate spread of $7,430 to $8,304, and with a crash, between $8,463 and $11,728.

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