Canada could be a viable production hub for European exports, de Nysschen says to WSJ.

Ontario (and other provinces in Canada) have lost a ton of manufacturing jobs over the last few years. Mexico is full-steam ahead putting up new plants and even the US is seeing some expansion in the automotive sector. But, if Infiniti’s president gets his way, Canada could see some manufacturing work coming.

The Wall Street Journal had a chance to sit down with Nissan’s luxury brand boss to talk about a number of topics. The biggest item being Infiniti’s desire to add manufacturing capacity in North America, and specifically Canada as a “compelling alternative”.

“Canada also has the potential now with free-trade agreements and discussions to be a very viable source of production exports to Europe,” explained de Nysschen.

Let’s hope this comes to fruition. Ontario (and the rest of us) needs it.

[Source: WSJ via TTAC]

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