Mississauga, Ontario – Infiniti Canada announced it has reduced pricing on the 2009 FX and 2009 QX56, following an earlier announcement by Nissan Canada that it was lowering pricing on its 2009 models.

“Infiniti joins Nissan Canada in offering reduced pricing on 2009 models, starting with the FX and QX,” said Jeff Parent, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Canada Inc. “We are thrilled to announce Infiniti’s lowest pricing of the decade in Canada at a very challenging time for the auto industry. We will continue to evaluate pricing as a company, in order to always offer our customers the best value for their ever-stretching dollar.”

The 2009 Infiniti QX56 pricing will be reduced by $9,900 for a new MSRP of $69,700. The all-new 2009 FX35 will see a drop of $4,350 for a new MSRP of $50,700. An additional $1,400 of extra feature value has also been added. The all-new 2009 FX50 will be lowered by $4,050 for an MSRP of $58,900, with an
additional $2,100 of feature upgrades added.

These price drops follow the price reductions on the 2008 M35 and M45 series introduced in January 2008 which saw reductions in MSRP of up to $7,000.

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