New entry-level all-wheel drive Q50 model available in Canada

Canadians heading to Infiniti dealerships looking for 2015 models will be greeted by an addition to the Q50 lineup with a lower starting price, Infiniti announced today.

For 2015, Nissan’s luxury arm will offer a base model Q50 all-wheel drive model starting at $39,950 before taxes and fees. Previously, all-wheel drive could only be had in Premium trim.

The QX50 adds a new base model option starting at $34,950 and the QX70 gets a starting price of $53,500 in Premium trim.

Full pricing tables below.

2015 Infiniti Q50 MSRP
Q50 3.7 RWD $37,500
Q50 3.7 Sport RWD $48,950
Q50 3.7 AWD $39,950
Q50 3.7 AWD with Moonroof $41,200
Q50 3.7 AWD with Moonroof, Premium & Navigation $44,800
Q50 3.7 AWD with Moonroof, Premium& Navigation, Deluxe Touring & Technology $49,100
Q50 3.7 SPORT AWD (includes Premium & Navigation content) $47,950
Q50 3.7 SPORT AWD, Deluxe Touring & Technology $51,750
Q50 HYBRID AWD (includes Premium & Navigation content) $49,500
Q50 HYBRID AWD, Sport & Deluxe Technology $56,450


2015 Infiniti QX50 MSRP
Base $34,950
Journey $37,950
Journey, Premium $42,200
Journey, Premium, Navigation $45,150
Journey, Premium, Navigation, Technology $47,650


2015 Infiniti QX70 MSRP
Premium $53,500
Premium, Navigation, Deluxe Touring $59,150
Sport, Navigation $60,150
Premium, Navigation, Deluxe Touring & Technology $62,650
Sport, Navigation & Technology $63,650
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