Aug 9, 2007

Independent tests prove safety of lithium phosphate batteries

Austin, Texas – Independent tests performed on lithium phosphate batteries, produced by Valence Technology of Austin, Texas, show that it is “improbable” that the batteries will incur the “thermal runaway” that causes other batteries to burst into flames or explode. Tests were also done on commercially-available lithium metal oxide batteries, which were shown to heat to temperatures up to four times that of the Valence’s lithium phosphates.

The comparative tests were released by Exponent Inc., an independent engineering and scientific consulting firm.

“The enabling abilities of large format lithium phosphate batteries are extensive; they can create new markets, and transform existing markets such as automotive,” says Robert Kanode, President and CEO of Valence. “The broad adoption of large format lithium phosphate batteries has been challenged by concerns about safety. This report shows that Valence’s lithium phosphate batteries are able to avoid the dangers of traditional lithium cobalt oxide batteries.”

“The phosphate cathode material used in Valence’s batteries is proving to be a key component for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries for applications where safety is of paramount importance,” said Dr. Quinn Horn, Manager Engineer at Exponent. “In our comparative testing, the lithium-ion batteries using the phosphate cathode materials have proved to be the safest. In a real-world environment comparable to a battery being left in a parked car on a summer’s day, Valence’s phosphate cathode material was proven to have a greater thermal stability to withstand battery cell decomposition than batteries using lithium cobalt oxide or lithium mixed metal oxide.”

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