Auburn Hills, Michigan – Powertrain and vehicle engineering company FEV Inc. has announced it has commissioned eight full hybrid powertrain development test sites. The new sites are believed to be the only non-OEM full hybrid powertrain test cells in the United States. All are fully transient-capable and differ from conventional powertrain test cells primarily in terms of their dynamometer capability and their battery emulation and simulation.

Each of the new hybrid cells is utilized for powertrain and controller development, calibration, benchmarking, validation and durability testing. These will provide FEV’s customers with the flexibility and technology to develop a wide range of current and future hybrid systems.

“The need for full development testing capabilities is becoming critical as hybrid powertrains are increasingly in demand by consumers,” said Robert J. Last, FEV vice president of operations and communications. “The future of powertrain development is no longer restricted to traditional gasoline engines, and with the commissioning of these test cells, FEV can offer the flexibility and technology to accommodate future technologies.”

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