June 18, 2003

Immobilizers now standard on all 2003 DaimlerChrysler models

Windsor, Ontario – The Sentry Key Engine Immobilizer system is now standard in all 2003 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles excluding the Dodge Viper, says the company. The device is a vehicle-theft deterrent that prevents the vehicle from being started without the owner’s key.

With the Sentry Key Engine Immobilizer system, an electronically coded ignition key has an embedded transponder with a preprogrammed security code. When the key is inserted into the ignition, the controller sends a random number to the transponder. The transponder then encodes this number and sends the result back to the controller. If the controller recognizes the
transponder, the engine management system is allowed to start the engine.

“There are over four billion codes on each owner’s key,” said John Mann, Director, Engineering, DaimlerChrysler Canada. “Since the codes change each time the engine starts to prevent duplication, the Sentry Key Engine Immobilizer system is an effective way to prevent vehicle theft that’s invisible.”

A study conducted by Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) last year revealed owners of newer vehicles are making fewer auto theft claims and immobilizing systems seem to be making an impact. As a result, most insurance companies offer lower insurance rates to drivers who have immobilizing devices installed in their vehicles.

“An IBC approved immobilizer is the best defence at preventing the drive away theft of a vehicle,” says Henning Norup, Vice-President, Insurance Bureau of Canada. “A recent Canadian study, undertaken by IBC, has shown a reduction in the theft cost of at least 50 per cent when vehicles are equipped with approved immobilizers.”

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