Class action addresses alleged misrepresentation of optional safety feature

McCuneWright, the law firm successful in suing Toyota over unintended acceleration of Toyota’s cars, is filing another class action suit against the Japanese automaker. The target this time is the Prius V and its optional collision avoidance features, which IIHS tested and deemed “fails to meet NHTSA criteria for forward collision warning,” they said in a statement.

McCuneWright believes the feature is marketed as an “autobrake” but Toyota has disputed the Prius V has automatic braking or that it is presented in such a way in advertising materials.

On the Toyota Canada website, the Prius V pre-collision system is described as follows:

If the system determines that there is a high risk of a collision, it assists by adding brake hydraulic pressure and by sending signals to the pre-collision seatbelt and brake in an effort to reduce injury. 

However, we have not been able to find any evidence showing the system automatically brings the Prius V to a complete stop automatically.

The “Touring + Technology Package” including the disputed feature costs an additional $9,695 in Canada over the base price of a 2014 Toyota Prius V.

[Source: AutoGuide]

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