Top tether and anchor was used only 56 percent of the time.

A new survey released as part of an April 25th IIHS Status Report shows that many parents and caregivers are ignoring a vital safety feature when strapping children into their child seats.

The top tether and anchor seems to be largely ignored when affixing a forward-facing child seat in the back, with people only using the feature 56 percent of the time. Multiple reasons were given by participants involved in the study for not using the top tether.

– 22 percent didn’t know it was there.
– 15 percent didn’t know how to use it.
– 13 percent didn’t have enough time to connect it.
– 10 percent thought it wasn’t important or needed.
– 9 percent were unsure of where to attach it.
– 8 percent didn’t know they had an anchor.

Our editor-in-chief, Jonathan “Safety, Yo!” Yarkony, has a review today of the Clek Foonf convertible car seat where he does, in fact, attach it correctly.

[Source: IIHS via Consumer Reports]

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