After springing a coolant leak at Rally Mexico, WRC driver finishes stage with unlikely fluid

If there is one kind of professional racer that has determination beyond their wits at times it’s rally drivers. But, in the case of Thierry Neuville, driver of a Hyundai i20 WRC, the wits were very well present.

On their way back to service following a presentation by rally sponsor Corona, the team pulled over after seeing engine temps climb rapidly. They found a leak coming from the cooling system, which was easily fixed. However, the system was pretty much dry.

Using anything the team could find and not able to accept outside help, Neuville used a large bottle of Corona, presented to him earlier and sitting in the car, to fill the cooling system and continue on their way to service.


“I really tried to stay calm and say to myself we were okay, but when we had more than 25km to go I thought okay, maybe this could be the end. But after we stopped again the temperature came down and then I thought it would be okay.”

The team went on to eventually score Hyundai’s first podium in the WRC in only their third rally.

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