Funky niche-market hatch no longer offered in UK

The writing was on the wall for the Hyundai Veloster in the United Kingdom. After slow sales in the depressed European market, the funky niche-market hatchback has been taken out of Hyundai UK’s lineup without much explanation.

There has been worldwide rumours of the Veloster‘s demise. This is the first market to pull the model entirely. AutoExpress reports the model was on sale in Britain for just three years.

Does that mean the model may be dropped entirely? Or at least discontinued in the Canadian market?

We posed the question to Chad Heard, manager of public relations for Hyundai Canada.

“The UK is a considerably different market environment for Hyundai. The Veloster remains part of the line-up in Canada,” Heard clarified by email.

“When the vehicle was first introduced in Canada, sales far exceeded our expectations for a vehicle that appeals to a niche audience. This year, sales are much more aligned with what we were expecting.”

A mid-cycle refresh is scheduled to debut in 2015 at either the Detroit or Chicago auto show.


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