Fountain Valley, California – Hyundai Motor America has announced that it has become the first U.S. manufacturer to offer Walkaway, a complimentary 12-month vehicle return program provided on all new purchased or leased Hyundai vehicles. The program is offered by Walkaway USA under license from Walkaway, which originated the concept in Canada in 2000, and is intended for customers who find that they cannot meet the terms of the purchase or lease agreement.

“In this uncertain economy, we are looking for ways to reassure shoppers that Hyundai still represents the best value in the auto industry,” said John Krafcik, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America. “Our agreement with Walkaway allows us to offer a unique form of financial protection in all 50 states for the first time by an automaker.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with Hyundai in offering this program through an automaker for the first time in the United States,” said Paul Budvitis, president of Walkaway USA. “Walkaway is one of the most innovative products to hit the auto finance marketplace, addressing consumers’ most pressing challenge to purchase a new car in today’s economy.”

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