Korean automaker cautious as model range expansion could cannibalize sales

Automotive News is reporting Hyundai is considering adding a third premium sedan similar in size to the BMW 3-Series, placing it below the new Genesis sedan. The Korean automaker would also like to add a B-segment CUV to the lineup.

Speaking to Dave Zuchowski, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, AN confirmed there may be room for another premium car.

“That’s one of the conversations,” Zuchowski told AN. “I think it’s fair to say that within a couple of years there may be another premium” nameplate. That’s a space where we think there’s some opportunity.”

He also explained there is room for growth at the entry level of their utility lineup, but stated Hyundai should be cautious. A new B-segment utility would compete with the Nissan Juke, Kia Soul, and Chevrolet Trax (in Canada).

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