March 7, 2007

Hybrid sales up 52 per cent in February in U.S.

Washington, D.C. – The combined sales of hybrids in the U.S. in February rose 52 per cent over the same period in 2006, to more than 22,792 vehicles, according to a report from the Green Car Congress. The figures do not include sales of GM hybrids, which the automaker does not tally separately, but does include the new Nissan Altima Hybrid, which is currently sold in eight states.

Hybrid vehicles represented 1.82 per cent of the U.S. light-duty vehicle sales, the highest monthly figure yet.

The Toyota Prius sold 12,227 units, the model’s best month ever and an 87 per cent increase over February 2006; the Prius’ sales represent 54 per cent of all hybrids sold in February 2007. Second place went to the Toyota Camry Hybrid, with 3,332 units, representing 10.4 per cent of all February Camry sales.

Among other hybrids, the Highlander Hybrid was down 28 per cent at 1,892 units; the Lexus RX400h dropped 31 per cent to 1,249 units; and the GS 450h sold 160 units. The Honda Civic climbed 8 per cent to 1,924 units, while the Accord Hybrid was down 60 per cent at 312 units.

The Ford Escape and Mariner hybrids increased 26 per cent over February 2006, to 1,696 units, while the Nissan Altima Hybrid sold 206 units in its first month of sales, representing 0.9 per cent of all Altimas sold in all 50 states.

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