August 18, 2006

Hybrid Owners of America launched to encourage “hybrid friendly” policies

Washington, D.C. – A group called the Hybrid Owners of America (HOA) was launched yesterday, to organize and advocate for the interests of the roughly 500,000 Americans who drive hybrid cars and other gas/electric vehicles.

The group will track federal, state, local and private sector incentives; it is urging hybrid owners to encourage the U.S. government to embrace a five-point “hybrid friendly” agenda, including lifting the current cap on the federal tax break for hybrid purchases; creating a new federal tax incentive for plug-in hybrid conversions; promoting a new federal tax break for corporations that provide direct incentives to employees who buy hybrids; rewarding U.S. automakers with assistance in health care and other high-cost issues if they undertake more hybrid research and production; and conversion to hybrids of 30 per cent of the federal car and truck fleet over three years.

“Everybody wins when there are more hybrid vehicles on the road,” says Scott Stapf, HOA Project Director. “The bottom line is that hybrid vehicle purchases should be encouraged, because they empower typical Americans with a direct way to reduce our nation’s addiction to Middle Eastern oil, save money at the gas pump and cut global warming pollution. By working together, hybrid owners can protect their own interests while also serving the greater good, promoting U.S. national security and protecting the environment.”

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