Hummer H3T
Hummer H3T. Click image to enlarge

Dallas, Texas – Hummer has debuted the brand’s first pickup truck, the 2009 Hummer H3T, at the Dallas Auto Show in Texas. The state is an important market to the brand, which sold 11.6 per cent of all U.S. vehicles there in 2007.

The H3T is based on the H3, but features a full crew cab and separate five-foot (1.5 metre) bed. It is sized between a midsize and full-size pickup truck.

“With its unique size and Hummer traits, the H3T is ideal for the customer who works hard and plays harder,” said Hummer general manager Martin Walsh. “It offers the combination of truck versatility and Hummer off-road prowess that delivers customers to the trail in style.”

Hummer also revealed that it plans to offer approximately 125 accessories for the H3T. The current Hummer customer adds three to four accessories to the vehicle at the time of purchase, and will add more up to a year after the initial purchase. In 2007, H2 customers purchased an average of US$1,800 worth of accessories per vehicle, while H3 customers spent an average of US$600 per truck.

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