April 17, 2007

Hummer delivers child-sized versions to U.S. hospitals

Detroit, Michigan – Hummer dealerships are donating child-sized, battery-operated Hummer vehicles to hospitals across the U.S. under a program called “Courageous Kids”. The toy Hummers, which will go to the pediatric units, will be used by young patients who may “drive” themselves into surgery or for other medical procedures, helping to reduce the anxiety of treatment.

“We believe this mode of transportation definitely beats a gurney ride and can help take young patients’ minds off their fears,” says Martin Walsh, Hummer general manager. To date, hospitals in Michigan, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Washington and Texas have replaced gurney rides with the toy vehicles.

The idea was a suggestion of David Burroughs, an environmental engineer at GM’s plant in Shreveport, Louisiana where the Hummer H3 is built. Hospitals have reported overwhelmingly positive results, with even the most anxious children forgetting their fear of surgery thanks to the excitement of driving the Hummer to their procedure, or during recovery.

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