BELLEVILLE, ON – Damage caused by crumbling pavement or traffic congestion can mean repair bills ranging from $60–$3,000.  Yesterday, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) launched the 9th Worst Roads campaign.

“We want to know the worst road you have driven on in Ontario. Whether the issue is congestion, potholes, road signs, traffic lights or pedestrian and cycling safety, we want to hear from you,” said John Ennis, Government Relations Specialist, CAA SCO. “Your votes make a difference.”

“Over the years, CAA’s Worst Roads campaign has been successful in creating awareness about the importance of our infrastructure to the Ontario economy, public safety and our quality of life,” said Rob Bradford, Executive Director, Ontario Road Builders’ Association. “When the public speaks, governments listen and the Worst Roads campaign provides a way for the public to make its concerns known about our growing infrastructure debt.”

You can cast your ballot for the worst road in Ontario starting today at until April 24th. You can nominate as many different roads as you like, but you can’t vote for the same road twice.

In 2010, Palmer Road in Belleville made the Top 20 Worst Roads List. Since then, the reconstruction of the road has been completed.

Meanwhile, due to the tremendous success of the initiative here in Ontario, the Worst Roads campaign is also being rolled out in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


Broken Road

Broken Road

Source: Canadian Newswire / CAA

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