Toronto, Ontario – Hot Wheels has announced it will host a special booth at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto in celebration of the brand’s 40th birthday. The toys were launched with the introduction of a Camaro model in 1968.

The display, assembled with the help of two collectors and their personal collections, will include a number of historic vehicles and memorabilia, such as the “Sweet Sixteen” original toy collection, Snake and Mongoose race car models, Hot Wheels comic books, and cars and track sets from the 2008 collection.

While no products will be sold at the booth, the company will hand out free giveaways each day, including T-shirts, posters, lanyards, temporary tattoos, “driver’s licenses” and, on February 18, a special “Since 68” die-cast toy to the first 1,000 visitors.

The company has also announced a Canada-specific Web site,, which will also be part of a national promotion beginning in April with a “License to Play” game, birthday club and downloadable desktop widget.

The Hot Wheels booth is located in the North Building of the Metro Convention Centre in Exhibit Hall A.

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