January 9, 2004

Honda/Michelin Challenge race series returns to Canada

Honda Civic DX coupe
Honda/Michelin Challenge Civic DX coupe

Honda Civic DX coupe interior
Honda/Michelin Challenge Civic DX coupe

Mosport, June 1991
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Montreal, Quebec – Honda Canada announced the return of the Honda/Michelin Challenge
Series to Canada. The new regional “spec” racing series will feature stock Honda
Civic DX Coupes and will return Honda Canada to the grassroots racing of the past. A formal race schedule
will be announced at a later date, but a minimum of 10 races will be held in Ontario
and Quebec during 2004. The new series is scheduled to include a race in conjunction
with the Grand Prix of Canada Formula One race weekend in Montreal. It is
anticipated that for 2005, the series will be expanded to include western Canada.

The single-marque road racing series was originally launched in 1975 with the Honda
Civic Hatchback. During its 17-year run, the series is estimated to have attracted
more than 400 amateur racers. The series also involved well-known Canadian race
drivers such as Richard Spenard, Tony Morris, Frank Allers, and Jacques Villeneuve Sr.

“Honda has a long history of racing,” said Kalim Ansari, executive vice president of
Honda Canada Inc. “It is part of our company’s culture, and we are very excited
about bringing this series back to the Canadian market. The Honda/Michelin Challenge
Series represents a significant part of our heritage and today’s announcement will
allow us to share that heritage with a new generation of Honda customers and
Canadian motorsports fans.”

“While there are a number of details still to be finalized, we are confident that
this series will be a positive boost to the Canadian motorsports community,” Ansari
said. “We are working to have all the details in place and the necessary product
available from our dealers by next month for all aspiring racing enthusiasts.”

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