Tokyo, Japan – Honda has announced it will participate in a public safety demonstration in Japan this week, sponsored by the ITS Promotion Council, where it will demonstrate its lastest advanced safety vehicles equipped with active features that use information technologies.

The vehicles are designed to exchange speed and positional information and other data between vehicles, or between a vehicle and an electric cart in vehicle-to-vehicle communications, as well as between the vehicle and road infrastructure. This provides drivers with information which may help to prevent a collision. Honda will unveil the results of its research into HMI (Human Machine Interface) using vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technologies, optimized for a variety of vehicles and traffic situations.

Based on an Odyssey minivan for the Japanese market, the research model represents the next stage in Honda’s development of its vehicle-to-infrastructure driving support systems. The company will also show a motorcycle with technology that makes it more noticeable and correctly identifiable to other motorists, and an electric car equipped with wireless communication capabilities for vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

Honda will also display a Japan-market Odyssey equipped with its latest active safety technology, a multi-view camera system, and a Life minivan equipped with a smart parking assist system.

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