July 18, 2007

Honda to build jet engine manufacturing plant in North Carolina

HondaJet. Click image to enlarge

Burlington, North Carolina – Honda Aero Inc. has announced it will establish its corporate headquarters and a jet engine manufacturing plant in Burlington, North Carolina. The new facility will produce advanced jet engines developed and marketed by GE Honda Aero Engines, a joint venture between GE and Honda. The company was established in 2004 for the development, certification and commercialization of jet engines in the 1,000- to 3,500-pounds thrust class.

The facility will consist of office space, production plant and engine test cell; production will begin in late 2010 with the GE Honda HF120 turbofan engine. The US$27 million facility will employ 70 people when the plant reaches its initial production plan of 200 engines annually, within about one year of production start-up.

The HF120 will be used to power two new business jets: Spectrum Aeronautical’s Freedom, and the HondaJet, to be produced by the Honda Aircraft Company, a separate Honda entity.

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