March 22, 2004

Honda to build Accord at second U.S. plant

East Liberty, Ohio – Honda announced it will build the Accord sedan at its East Liberty auto plant in addition to its Marysville, Ohio plant. Producing the Accord at both locations will increase the flexibility of each plant to deal with market changes, said the company.

The midsize Accord will be built on the same assembly line that produces the compact Honda Civic and the Honda Element light truck, beginning in early 2005.

“Being able to add and shift models quickly among our plants allows us to react in a timely way to the market,” said John Adams, senior vice president and general manager of manufacturing at Honda of America.

Honda of America has three auto assembly lines, two in the Marysville Auto Plant and one at the East Liberty plant. In 2005, all three will be capable of producing the Accord, which will enhance the ability of the plants collectively to produce other models.

“Building many products on a common line, and doing so at high levels of quality and with relatively low investment, gives Honda an advantage in building vehicles to our customer’s tastes,” Adams said.

The Accord will be introduced to the East Liberty Plant as a rolling model introduction – taking place without stopping the assembly line.

The Marysville Auto plant employs 5,600 workers. It began production in 1982 and produces the Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe and Acura TL. The East Liberty Auto Plant, which has 2,650 workers, opened in 1989 and currently produces the Honda Element and the Civic Sedan, Coupe and natural gas-powered Civic GX.

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