Honda 3R-C Concept

Geneva, Switzerland – Honda has presented the world debut of the 3R-C concept at the Geneva Motor Show, along with the EV-N concept that is making its European debut.

The 3R-C three-wheeled battery electric vehicle concept shows what a future minimal urban transport vehicle for one person might look like. The drivetrain is mounted low in the chassis, keeping the centre of gravity low and improving stability. A clear canopy covers the driver’s seat while it is parked; when it is in motion, the canopy becomes a windshield to protect the driver. The high sides of the safety shell seat give greater occupant safety, while a lockable trunk area provides secure storage for luggage or other items. The 3R-C study was created by European designers working at Honda’s research and design facility in Milan.

The EV-N, which had previously been shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, is a battery electric vehicle study, evoking the spirit of the diminutive 1967 N360 city car. Solar panels in the roof charge the car while it is parked. Two of Honda’s U3-X electric personal mobility devices are attached on the inside of each door. The concept is envisioned with a lithium-ion battery pack and small electric motor for predominantly urban use.

The two concept vehicles will be displayed alongside the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle. Models are currently being leased by customers in Japan and the U.S., while two are permanently stationed in Europe for long-term research purposes.

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