March 28, 2007

Honda ranked among top ten “green” companies by Fortune Magazine

Toronto, Ontario – A special report by Fortune magazine has included Honda in a list of ten companies that are “ahead of the learning curve on the strategic value of environmentalism in their industries.” Honda was the only automotive manufacturer on the list.

To select companies on the “Green Giants” list, Fortune solicited nominations from environmentalists and consultants who have worked in corporate America. The final ten were pared down from a list of nearly 100 major corporations, which Fortune specified because their environmental footprint is more important than that of smaller companies.

Honda also received a B+ in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine in February, the highest grade for any auto manufacture, in recognition of its hybrid technology and fuel-efficient cars, sustainable manufacturing facilities, aggressive programs to reduce energy consumption at its manufacturing sites and elimination of hazardous substances from its production. In Quebec’s financial Commerce magazine, Honda scored seventh in the magazine’s 10th annual “Les 150 Entreprises les plus admir

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