September 4, 2007

Honda Prize 2007 awarded to French surgeon

Honda Prize winner Dr. Philippe Mouret
Honda Prize winner Dr. Philippe Mouret. Click image to enlarge

Tokyo, Japan – The Honda Foundation has announced that the Honda Prize 2007 has been awarded to Dr. Philippe Mouret, a French surgeon and pioneer in the field of endoscopic surgery. Dr. Mouret becomes the 28th laureate of the prize.

Historically, surgeons relied primarily on open surgery to remove tumors in the abdomen and chest; in 1987, Dr. Mouret successfully removed a patient’s gall bladder by using a video-assisted laparoscope. In so doing, he became the first person to use the technique, previously used only for gynaecology, to an area of general surgery. The method was previously thought to be unsafe, but following Dr. Mouret’s use, it became the cornerstone for the development of endoscopic surgery.

The Honda Foundation’s recognition of Dr. Mouret is consistent with his philosophy of “taking pains” to reduce those of patients. The award ceremony will be held in Tokyo in November; the doctor will receive a medal and prize of 10 million yen.

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