Alliston, Ontario – Honda of Canada Manufacturing officially opened its new engine plant in Alliston, Ontario yesterday. The $154 million plant will produce 200,000 four-cylinder engines annually for Civic production.

The new plant is designed with a target of zero waste-to-landfill, the same as the two nearby Honda assembly plants, and the engines will be made from 100 per cent recycled aluminum, much of which is sourced from southern Ontario. The aluminum is provided by MAPCAN, an adjacent Honda-related company, which provides the aluminum directly in molten form.

Guests at the ceremony included Satoshi Aoki, Chairman of Honda Motor; Honda Canada president and CEO Manabu Nishimae; Honda Canada Motor president Ko Katayama; and Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty.

“I am very pleased to represent global Honda today as we continue to expand our partnership with the people of Canada,” Aoki said. “This strong relationship began 22 years ago, in 1986, when we built just 526 units of Honda Accord. Today were are assembling 390,000 vehicles annually, and recently reached 4.8 million units of production here in Alliston. And now we will once again strengthen our commitment through our new engine plant investment.”

Production is expected to reach 800 engines daily by mid-2009. The plant will employ approximately 340 people when it reaches full capacity each year.

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