August 29, 2002

Honda offers new accessories on 2003 Accord

Toronto, Ontario – The all-new 2003 Honda Accord will offer an expanded lineup of Honda Accessories, including an in-dash MP3/digital media player, an in-dash 6-disc CD changer, a hands free system for cell phones and larger wheels and tires.

A 6-disc CD changer, available for the first time as a dealer-installed in-dash unit, hold six discs yet it does not require a cartridge. A cassette player is also available as an accessory.

The new MP3 Player will play compact discs burned with MP3, WMA or standard audio files. Offering near CD audio quality, more than 10 CD’s-worth of MP3 music files fit onto a standard recordable disc.

Also available for the new Accord is an integrated hands free system for cell phones that works with a wide variety of existing cell phone types and services. The system allows for hands-free operation as the caller’s voice is picked up by a microphone directed to the right front speaker. Vehicle audio systems automatically mute and resume in conjunction with the phone call, and the system is auto-answer capable. The cell phone conveniently stores in a cradle inside the Accord’s console and re-charges the cell phone while in use. A wide range of cell phone adapters come with the unit.

New exterior accessories for 2003 include larger alloy wheels specifically engineered to match the Accord’s suspension design, providing proper tire clearance and ensuring long service life to vehicle, wheel bearings, suspension joints and wheels. All Accords can be upgraded with 16-inch styled alloy wheels (DX and LX 4-cylinder models) or 17-inch styled alloy wheels, similar to ones available on the V6 Coupe equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission.

Canadian Accords will not be available with the DVD-based rear entertainment system or XM Satellite Radio service that is being offered in the United States.

All Honda Accessories carry a three-year/60,000 km warranty.

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