November 17, 2006

Honda Odyssey wins Edmunds’ Inside Line minivan comparison test

Honda Odyssey Touring
Honda Odyssey Touring. Click image to enlarge

Santa Monica, California – Online car magazine has announced that the 2006 Honda Odyssey won its latest minivan comparison test. The full test can be viewed here.

The Inside Line editorial team compared these minivans, all of which had a six-cylinder engine, automatic transmission and two power-sliding doors: the Chrysler Town & Country Limited, Honda Odyssey EX, Kia Sedona EX, Nissan Quest 3.5 SE, and Toyota Sienna XLE AWD Limited.

“There’s a depth to the Odyssey lacking in the other minivans, a sense that no detail was given short shrift just to meet a deadline,” says Jason Kavanagh, Edmunds’ Inside Line Engineering Editor. “From the seat-folding mechanisms to the navigation interface, every lever and latch operates intuitively and with little effort. It’s like Honda deployed a whole battalion of engineers on each device.”

The Kia Sedona earned second place, and was praised for its affordability and generous warranty. The Sienna was third, Quest fourth and the Chrysler placed fifth.

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