Things get weirder for Honda’s subcompact.

Honda has dropped a series of photos including details on the new Fit subcompact hatchback. A new design language is also introduced along with the updated model.

The new Fit is new through-and-through, with brand new body work, engines, and interior amenities. In Japan, it is available as a gas or hybrid model, with RS trim providing a sporty look.

Under the hood is a choice of 1.3L or 1.5L engines (the latter being the one we will probably get here). Or, if you go hybrid, a 1.5L Atkinson cycle engine is your main powerplant.

While the Fit is definitely one of Honda’s most core models, the interesting (and weird) news is the Japanese automaker’s new design concept. Dubbed “EXCITING H DESIGN!!!”, the new philosophy sounds like something the Adam West version of Batman would say when stubbing his toe on a baddy.

This new SUPER EXCITING DESIGN PHILOSOPHY will probably make its way into other products within Honda’s portfolio.

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