Markham, Ontario – Honda has expanded a previously-announced recall of certain 2001 to 2003 Honda and Acura vehicles to include those that may have had the original driver’s airbag module replaced with an affected service part.

These vehicles were not included in the earlier safety recall because the airbag modules originally installed in them were not affected by the potential safety issue. However, Honda has determined that as many as 152 affected airbag units were installed in Canada, as a result of a collision repair or other vehicle service.

Honda has not been able to determine which specific vehicles received one of these parts and so owners of all potentially affected vehicles are being notified. The replacement driver’s airbag inflators in affected vehicles may deploy with too much pressure, which could cause the inflator causing to rupture and possibly result in injury or fatality.

The recall affects certain 2001 and 2002 Honda Accord and Civic models; 2002 Honda Odyssey; 2002 and 2003 Honda CR-V; 2002 and 2003 Acura 3.2 TL; and 2003 Acura 3.2 CL vehicles. To ensure that the recalled airbag inflator service parts are replaced, the recall is being expanded to include inspections of approximately 29,300 vehicles operating in Canada.

The registered owners of the affected vehicles will be notified by male beginning in late May 2011. Honda is encouraging all owners of included vehicles to take them to an authorized dealer as soon as they receive notification.

If an owner is confident that the driver’s airbag has not been replaced, the owner can sign and return a postage-paid postcard that will be included with the recall notice.

Owners with questions can contact Honda at 1-888-946-6329.

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