Santa Monica, California – Honda has released a series of short documentaries as part of its “Power of Dreams” theme, now available online. Three films, about six to eight minutes in length, debuted at the campaign launch, and additional films will be added every few months.

The site, at DreamsHonda, showcases Honda’s Dream the Impossible Documentary Series by director Derek Cianfrance. Users can subscribe to the site, and share and rate the films.

“The new Power of Dreams campaign features documentary footage of real people sharing real stories about Honda’s approach to developing solutions to everyday business challenges,” said Barbara Ponce, manager of corporate advertising for American Honda. “These unscripted, emotionally driven films highlight Honda’s associates’ personal episodes of pursuing ‘impossible dreams’ which, in reality, are life lessons for all of us.”

Two of the initial films tell the stories of impossible engineering challenges and exploring where failure brought Honda and what success came of it, while the third explores the future of mobility.

The films include appearances by IndyCar driver Danica Patrick, film director Christopher Guest, and Honda president Takeo Fukui.

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