June 30, 2005

Honda delivers FCX fuel cell vehicle to the world’s first individual customer

Jon and Sandy Spallino
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Los Angeles, California – American Honda Motor Company Inc. has announced the lease of its FCX, an advanced hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle, to the world’s first individual customers, Jon and Sandy Spallino of Redondo Beach, California. The Spallinos have signed an agreement to lease a 2005 Honda FCX for two years. Honda is the only automobile manufacturer to certify its fuel cell vehicle for regular daily use, and the first to offer its technology to an individual customer. The Spallinos will use the vehicle in normal everyday use.

The Spallinos will use the first of California’s Hydrogen Highway refueling stations. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced the state’s commitment to the Hydrogen Highway in April 2005, creating a public and private partnership to build the infrastructure by 2010.

Several FCX vehicles will be leased to individual customers over the next year. Currently, a fleet of 13 are in daily use with six public municipal customers in California, New York and Nevada.

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