Alliston, Ontario – Canadian production of the Honda Civic has returned to its full levels, following an approximately 50 per cent reduction in the summer due to the shortage of parts from tsunami-ravaged Japan.

Some 95 per cent of Honda vehicles sold in Canada are produced in North America. Prior to the March 11 earthquake, Honda was assembling more than 28,000 vehicles per month at its Ontario facilities for sale in Canada and the U.S. While the majority of parts and materials are sourced locally, certain critical parts are supplied by Japan. This affected vehicles produced in Ontario, especially the 2012 Civic.

The reduced summer schedule resulted in Plant 1 consolidating its two shifts to one, and several non-production days were scheduled during the reduced production period. On those days, workers had a variety of options, including taking part in business improvement activities, training and volunteering. During the summer, workers provided 325 hours of community support to local food banks, humane societies and Habitat for Humanity.

Plant 1, which builds the Civic sedan, coupe, and Si coupe and sedan, returned to two shift operations in September. This month, both Plant 1 and Plant 2 returned to pre-earthquake production levels on all four shifts.

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