Due to sufficient stock of 2012 model, Honda Canada will not sell a late-entry 2013 Civic Hybrid.

Our neighbours to the south must like hybrids a bit more than us – or, at least, the Civic Hyrbid – as they get the newly refreshed, electrified sedan. In Canada, we will have to make due with the 2012 model, a car widely lambasted by the automotive media.

Speaking with Honda Canada’s Coordinator of Public Relations, Laura Heasman, Autos.ca has learned there will be no chance of the redesigned Honda Civic Hybrid coming north until at least the next model year.

“At present, we have adequate stock of 2012 model year Civic Hybrids to maintain the current sales pace,” stated Heasman in an email to Autos.ca.

Or, in other words, we didn’t finish our vegetables, so no dessert for us.

This is surprising, as the redesigned version of the Civic (including the Hybrid) is a significant step forward from the flubbed 2012 model, and seeing it come to Canada may have boosted sales. In the meantime, if you want a Civic Hybrid with the newer sheetmetal, you’ll have to go across the border to get it.

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