Toronto, Ontario – Honda Canada has announced a recall on certain 2003 and 2004 models to prevent a malfunction of the ignition interlock feature. The recall affects certain 2003 Honda Civics, 2003 Acura 1.7ELs, and 2003-2004 Honda Elements.

Approximately 21,000 Civics, 2,000 Acura 1.7ELs and 3,000 Elements are involved. Honda said it has received several complaints about such failures in these vehicles, but is not aware of any resulting crashes or injuries in Canada.

The ignition interlock mechanism can be damaged or worn during use. If this happens, it may be possible to remove the ignition key even though the shift lever is not in Park. This could result in the vehicle moving if it is not in the Park position when the key is removed.

Owners of affected vehicles should contact an authorized dealer to schedule a repair once they receive notification, which will be sent to owners starting in late September 2010. To determine if a vehicle is affected by the problem, call 1-888-946-6329.

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