Tokyo, Japan – Honda Motor Company has announced that it has reached a basic agreement with GS Yuasa Corporation to establish a joint venture company to manufacture, sell, and conduct research and development for high-performance lithium-ion batteries, with a central focus on applications for hybrid vehicles. The companies will now begin concrete discussions, with an aim to establish the new company sometimes around the spring of 2009.

It is planned that capital investment will be 51 per cent by GS Yuasa, and 49 per cent by Honda. The headquarters is planned to be located in Minami-ku, Kyoto, with a factory planned within the property of GS Yuasa’s Osadano operation in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto.

The companies have determiend that development of smaller and lighter lithium-ion batteries, with further improved performance, should be achieved by combining the technological strengths of the two companies. The new company will manufacture batteries based on EH6, the lithium-ion battery developed by GS Yuasa. The performance most suitable for next-generation hybrid vehicles will be achieved through a review of specific elements such as the structure and electrode materials.

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