April 11, 2007

Historical auto films now available online

Norfolk, England – Universal Motoring History has announced the launch of a new motoring film archive, which can be viewed and purchased by car enthusiasts worldwide. The site, at Auto-History.tv, contains hundreds of short films from the past 100 years, including a number of the earliest known recordings of motorized transport from the end of the 1890s.

A significant number of the films, most of which are between two and ten minutes in length, were previously thought to have been lost or destroyed, and have largely remained unseen for more than 50 years.

The complete collection, currently consisting of more than 500 films, includes such aspects of motoring history as the beginning of mass production, world land speed records, car commercials, famous drivers, stunt driving, and extensive racing footage from Le Mans, Indianapolis and Monte Carlo and many other major racing circuits. Five random films are available for download each week, or the entire archive can be purchased on a portable external computer hard drive.

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