March 7, 2006

Hino Motors establishes truck plant in Ontario

Toronto, Ontario – Hino Motors Ltd. has decided to establish a new plant in Woodstock, Ontario, with the aim of realizing a full-scale expansion of its truck business. The plant will be the company’s second North American facility, following an earlier plant in California. Production is scheduled to begin in April 2006.

Currently, Hino outsources truck assembly for the North American market to TABC, a local production business of Toyota Motor Corp. in California. The Ontario plant is intended to shorten delivery time to customers and promote a reduction in distribution costs.

Hino, pronounced Hee-no, is a Toyota group company that has made motor vehicles since 1910. The company’s main product is commercial delivery vehicles, but recently debuted a city tractor version; Hino commands 13.3 per cent of the Canadian truck market.

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